How I Founded A Huge Bug In A Widely-Used Quiz Site

A simple trick to view/reveal answers in site

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Actually, I was viewing some WhatsApp statuses and I came across a WhatsApp status by a friend of mine who shared an link for a "friendship quiz thing". I visited the site and the site asked for my name. I entered my name, and the quiz started.

The first question looked like this :


I pressed Ctrl+Shift+I (because I was using Google Chrome in Windows 10) to open inspect element.

In inspect element, I scrolled down and found this,


I expanded stuff and I found the answer for that question,


Lol, it's really easy. I did the same thing for every other question & it worked.


This article is intended for educational purposes only. Anyways, the site didn't had any official bug bounty program so I was unable to report this huge bug.

Here's the link for the quiz I tested this trick on 🔽 Click Here

That's it.

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Thanks for reading.